Family Fitness Day!!

We are so stoked to announce that we are hosting Family Fitness Day this Sat July 9th!

Classes will be FREE and run all day long! Drop by for one of the classes or pop in from 12-1 for free games, crafts and activities for your kids! 

Get to know our space, our classes and our staff this weekend! There will be a sample of all of our classes from everyone in the family. From Pre Natal yoga to teen yoga and Family Zumba, we are building a great schedule of classes for you and your family!

You can reserve your spot in one of the free classes here: 

Surf Fit

Every day I hear stories and excuses about what keeps people off the water....

  • Pain
  • Lack of paddle strength (or swim strength)
  • Fear
  • Weakness in general
  • Feeling like shit
  • weight (being fat)
  • fear of injury

These a just a few things people list off the me as reasons to not get out there and start having fun! If you have ever suggested that any of these things are what get in the way of you having the best time of your life in a water sport (or any sport) then, join us for Surf Fit! Every Wednesday at 7am. 

This class is also really awesome for people who are looking to improve their Swim, Surf, SUP, or Sailing game. Prevent Injury, learn how to use your muscles PROPERLY and EFFICIENTLY and have a great time with a great group of people. 

We change if up a bit each class, but will start with a group warm up, a few exercises together and a bit of circuit training. Ill be poking and challenging you along the way, to correct your form, connect your body and brain and keep pushing when you want to give up. 

I will be there through each exercise, helping you get the most out of your movements. It often difficult to know, "am I doing right???". Take the guessing out of your workout and learn some new things about your body! 

Stoked to train with you


Kids Yoga!

We LOVE working with kids and families! This week we started our kids yoga classes! Yoga is such a cool tool to help kids learn a whole boat load of skills. Some of the most important skills that I love teaching kids, are how to breath, how to let their bodies move freely, and how to listen to themselves (and quiet themselves). 

Kids are so fun to work with because they have no preconceived idea about who they are or what they "should be able to do". Play is one of the keys to happiness and playing through movement is the core of this class. Learning how to Hear: breath, mind and body and how to Feel: breath, mind and body, are the foundations of what we do with our kids classes. As kids begin to develop a sense of self and body awareness (around 3, but can sometimes be much earlier), it is super important for them to have skills and sports as outlets of expression for this new awareness. Physiologically, sports (yoga) help kids develop and strengthen that wiring from brain to body that is so rapidly forming. Starting them early with positive body image and self love is totally crucial to helping them develop into awesome adults. 

SO STOKED to meet all your crazy kids!

Welcome to the circus!

Classes are open to ALL kids. If your child has needs any accommodations, please feel free to email us with your request and we will do our best to help make these classes as accessible as possible to you and your family. 

xox- Jenn

Our First Ladies Night!

This Friday we officially opened our doors, welcoming some ladies for a preview of our Kelea Fit class and a clothing exchange after party! Thanks to everyone who came!!

We hung our disco ball together and busted open a bottle of champagne after our class! It was a great symbol to what lies ahead for The Office, people working together to make something Awesome! 

Special Thanks to Da Warehouse (our next door neighbors) for providing our Mirrors, Benches, pillows, paintings and for their love! Check out the EPIC wave that shop owner, Chelsea Hindley painted just for us! 


We are so stoked to share this space with our community!


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