Kids Yoga!

We LOVE working with kids and families! This week we started our kids yoga classes! Yoga is such a cool tool to help kids learn a whole boat load of skills. Some of the most important skills that I love teaching kids, are how to breath, how to let their bodies move freely, and how to listen to themselves (and quiet themselves). 

Kids are so fun to work with because they have no preconceived idea about who they are or what they "should be able to do". Play is one of the keys to happiness and playing through movement is the core of this class. Learning how to Hear: breath, mind and body and how to Feel: breath, mind and body, are the foundations of what we do with our kids classes. As kids begin to develop a sense of self and body awareness (around 3, but can sometimes be much earlier), it is super important for them to have skills and sports as outlets of expression for this new awareness. Physiologically, sports (yoga) help kids develop and strengthen that wiring from brain to body that is so rapidly forming. Starting them early with positive body image and self love is totally crucial to helping them develop into awesome adults. 

SO STOKED to meet all your crazy kids!

Welcome to the circus!

Classes are open to ALL kids. If your child has needs any accommodations, please feel free to email us with your request and we will do our best to help make these classes as accessible as possible to you and your family. 

xox- Jenn