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FF- FAMILY FRIENDLY classes welcome families and individuals alike. Kids may participate or simply play in our kids corner. This is a flexible, welcoming style class. 

Yoga (3-6): This class helps some of our smallest groms find self focus, calmness, determination, body awareness and fun!                  35-45 mins, $10

Yoga (7-12): This class requires a bit more focusing and balancing. Its great for kids in sports and for those who could use a little more quiet time practice. 45-60 min, $10

Yoga (13+): Jenn Gladwin has spent her life working with kids and teens, helping to empower them, inspire them, and and strengthen them. She is particularly passionate about helping kids through their teen years. This class is for any teen needing a little guidance, pick up, or even sports strengthening. Both a physical and mental practice, this class will help your teen all around to find their balance and strength. 60 min, $10

Core Fit (FF): This class is a fun workout to help connect and build core strength. The class structure is flexible and high energy. It is a Family Friendly class that kids of all age may participate in.  60 mins $10

Yoga Fit (FF): This class incorporates yoga principles like focus and breath, while also building strength. stamina and flexibilty. You will sweat and work hard, ending with Savasana. The is a Family Friendly class that kids of all ages may participate in.                                    60 mins $10/ individual. $25/ Family

Kelea Fit: This is a ladies only workout with all proceeds going to benefit Kelea Foundation, our partner organization dedicated to Nurturing, Inspiring and Empowering women through Water Sports. It is a circuit style workout with focus on Core and Stability building. 60 mins, $10

LUNCH CRUNCH: This is a quick workout combining Strength, Stability and Stretch. Designed to get you stoked and back to work before the end of lunch. Get out from behind your desk and come move with us!  45 mins, $10

Surf Fit: Join us for this Surf Specific class. Whether you are beginning to build strength, looking to prevent injury, or are overcoming and just getting back on the water, this class will help you stay fit, flexible and stable for ALL of your water sports! 75 mins, $10

Kupuna Yoga: This is  yoga class designed to help with healthy aging. Stay active, maintain flexibility, stability and balance. Suitable for those recovering from injury (having been cleared by a dr) 60 min $10

PreNatal Yoga: This class is great for mommies at any stage in your pregnancy. Get support, keep moving, connect and strengthen breath during this amazing time. Share community with other women and build your network of mamas, new and veteran in this space.  60 mins $10

Baby & Me: Bring your baby (not mobile yet) for this fun interactive yoga and fitness class. Find your core again, help correct imbalances in your body from baby carrying and connect with other babies and families! Papa's Welcome! 60 mins, $10

Toddler & Me: This is a great workout you can being your toddler to! Interactive and fun for everyone, come socialize, get fit and get stoked. 60 mins, $10