Surf Strength

Join us for an inspiring and fun 4 week training program to get you to a new level of Stoke!

This program is designed for the Maui lifestyle and is focused on helping people get stronger and more confident in and out of the water. No matter what sport you play, you will get a comprehensive stability and strength building program, more focused water time (2x a week with a trainer) to build on technique and proper body mechanics, as well as goal setting and motivational training to get your mind in top shape along with your body.

$400/ month- GROUP

$650/ month- PRIVATE


  • SUP gear and group session 1x wk
  • Swim group session 1x wk
  • Open access to ALL Get Glad Maui and The Office classes
  • Goal setting and achieving guidance/ kicks in the pant
  • Personalized Stability & Strength Plan
  • Online Support for missed classes

Email us at for more info and to sign up!