One of our Core Values here at The Office is COMMUNITY. We have been racking our minds and hearts to find ways to give back to our community, to help people connect and to create an open and welcoming environment for all to pursue their path to wellness.

Take One : Give One is a program designed to do just that, create community and accessibility for everyone to participate.

Its really simple.

When you purchase a class or service with The Office, or any of our partners (Get Glad Maui and Swimming Maui ) you have the opportunity to add a few extra dollars onto your service. These few extra dollars will fund that service for someone in our community that needs a little extra help.  

Our classes here at The Office are $10 or less per person. If you choose to "TakeOneGiveOne", you will add $5 to your class and hang a class voucher on our wall for someone who is a little short on cash this month. So, for the price of a typical fitness class on Maui, you will get fit AND fund someone else on their path to wellness!

As part of our mission, we will also be partnering with community organizations to offer  scholarships and special classes asfundraisers! Please email us to inquire about community partnerships or to sponsor a program or person! 


Inspire Yourself, Inspire Your Community!



Do you want to see a change happen in your life? Are you motivated to learn about yourself, your body and your community? Do you need to ; Loose Weight, Accomplish a difficult goal, bond with your kids, learn to believe in yourself, get yourself on a new life path, try something new in your life? 

We want to support you in your best life possible. If you cant afford classes here at The Office, please apply for a scholarship. We offer Family and Individual monthly scholarships. 

We will keep applications on a rolling basis. If you are chosen for a monthly scholarship, we will contact you by the 25th of the month prior to your award. 

Please submit this form as honestly as possible. 


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